Integrated CMS and Powerful Management

The Dashboard

Easily Manage Websites Like A Pro

There is a lot that goes into getting a website set up and working correctly. We streamlined the process for you.

Integrated CMS For Dynamic Data

A Content Management System (CMS) allows you to enter dynamic data into websites and easily manage it.

Multiple Website Management

Our Dashboard gives you a holistic view of your sites. Whether it be one or twelve

Designed To Be Simple & Powerful

Orbspace makes your life easier by simplifying the nightmare of choices needed to design, configure, and host websites. Free up your time and money for other things.

Streamlined Settings

Each website is represented on your Dashboard. See the status and domain at a glance. Access the builder or the settings with a click.

  • Core Settings - Edit the settings that are automatically placed and used in your website such as name, description, logos, and business info.
  • Advanced Options - Style your system pages, add SSL certificates, see how much space your using, and set up integrations.
  • Collaboration - Make it a team effort! Easily send out invites, manage the team, and assign permissions without losing control.

Versatile CMS

Websites can contain a lot of data. That data needs to be both easy to create and easy to manage. Orbspace has a simple CMS foundation that integrates with our builder.

  • Posts and Portfolios - Create your own blog and use portfolios to showcase images and projects. Organize them with categories and tags.
  • Teams - From small teams to large organizations, use Teams to manage your website and content.
  • Ready for the Future - We’ve got big plans to keep improving functionality for our CMS to make your life easier.

Domain Management

With every website, domain management is needed. We created an area just for this so you can quickly manage domains like a pro.

  • Subdomains - This is what every website you create on Orbspace starts out with. You can change the name anytime depending on availability.
  • Third-Party Domains - Attach as many domains as you would like. This makes assigning domains to your site quick and easy.
  • SSL Certificates - Use your own SSL certificate that you bought to enhance your site’s brand and security.

A Powerful Foundation For Our Vision

Orbspace is just getting started. We have a lot of features we want to implement. Check out some of the things we are currently working on.

Products Module

Sell products! We are working to deliver a simple, streamlined approach for you to sell products and support customers.

Bookings Module

We want to help businesses easily manage service openings and allow their customers to book open spots effortlessly.

Analytics Module

While users can integrate with many different analytics offerings, we want to offer a dashboard where you can quickly see all information in one place.

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