The Orbspace Happenings

Orbspace Closed Beta Launch

Zac Kostenko / February 12, 2019

Today we are launching the closed Orbspace Beta. A lot has changed since our initial post in October 2018.  We had hoped to launch soon after that initial post, but it was apparent that we needed to fix numerous issues to ensure users could in fact easily build and manage websites.

In the last three months the development team has implemented thousands of fixes, reworked our builder’s foundation, and was able to implement new features.  

  • 1,017+ commits were pushed to our git repositories
  • 450+ tickets have been closed in our project management and issue tracking tool

New Features

  • Global and Block Level Styles – Users can now quickly change styling for fonts, colors, and buttons for their entire website or at just a block level.
  • Typography – Users can easily search for google fonts, select fonts that they would want to use and assign their values (h1-h6, general text, etc.) and colors.
  • Button Styling - We implemented a dedicated style menu for buttons to make it easy to manage button functions.
  • Categories & Tags – In the CMS we implemented categories and tag management for Posts and Portfolio items.
  • CMS Slugs Editable – Users now can edit their CMS slugs if they choose to.
  • System Pages Editable – Now users can make their own Under Construction page and 404 page.
  • Block Insert – Users now have the flexibility to insert a block anywhere in the webpage. This makes adding blocks a lot easier and precise.


  • Dashboard Enhancements – We made some changes to our dashboard to ensure consistency and responsiveness. 
  • Block Consolidation – In order to make things easier on the end user, we reduced the number of core blocks in our system. To make that work we had to enhance blocks to ensure the same capability was still present in the system.
  • Grid Block – Enhanced user control over styling options for accordion and tab widgets
  • Orbspace System Email – We enhanced our system emails to make our communications to you more efficient.


  • Moved Domain – Thinking a new home address would better reflect our product, we decided to make a move from orbspace.net to orbspace.io.
  • Disabled Domain Purchasing – Letting users easily buy and manage domains is our goal, but we don’t feel that currently we can ensure a great experience for users. We will be releasing an improved version of this as soon as possible.