The Orbspace Happenings

Orbspace Launch: Open Beta

Zac Kostenko / May 30, 2019

Orbspace Beta is here! We are happy to announce that we are opening it up for everyone to use. There has been a few attempts to do this previously, and each time we decided to hold off the launch to ensure we could offer users a pleasant experience. Having a solid foundation in place was very important to us. Please let us know your thoughts.


  • June 2018 - Orbspace, Inc. was launched as a company
  • October 2018 – Initial beta release
  • February 2019 - Released a closed beta
  • May 30, 2019 – Launched the open beta

Development Activity

Since February 2019 - Our development efforts have been focused on fixing bugs and ensuring core functionality We also decided to upgrade all our code frameworks (Frontend, Backend, Bootstrap) to the latest versions, which caused additional bugs that had to be ironed out. Although these things did take up a lot of our time, we were still able to introduce some new features and enhancements. 

New Features

  • SEO – Users are now able to manage their SEO from the builder.
  • Font Weights – Users are now able to select their desired font weights.
  • New Themes – 1. Education 2. Salon 3. Business Financial 4. Non-Profit


  • Page/Menu Navigation – Managing pages and navigation has never been easier. We invested time into making one of the best solutions out there.
  • Hero Block – The block now has image/video placeholders.
  • Features Block – You can bypass the UI drawer to make image changes.

Upcoming Features

  • The Grid Block – We completely retooled our grid block. It more useful and powerful and we can’t wait to roll it out. This will help tremendously in creating content.
  • CMS Blocks – We are adding the option to display only specific data categories from the CMS

Road Forward

Today is a huge milestone for us and we are eager to see what people think of our labor of love. We are also pretty eager to move past the foundation aspect and start focusing on enhancing our feature set and improving the user experience. There is a ton of things we want to implement to make creating websites easier and more enjoyable to everyone.

Please let us know your thoughts. We are easy to get a hold of. Either email us (connect@orbspace.io) or reach out through one of our social media apps.