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Platform Updates - October 2019

Zac Kostenko / October 29, 2019

Orbspace is launching on Product Hunt! After a long journey of development, we are finally ready to start showing off what we have been working on.

Development Activity

Since our last update at the end of May 2019, we have spent the last five months significantly overhauling our platform to make it better to use. While we always look for stability and performance improvements, it was apparent that the usability of the system was suffering. We also took time to improve our user interface for the Dashboard and Builder, implemented our Grid Blocks with some base widgets and implemented a wizard to aid in setting up websites. This required us rebuilding our themes and restructuring how styles were applied in our system. While time consuming, we think it was a very important step in improving our foundation as we move forward.

New Features

Grid Block – It’s finally here. This new option adds better freedom for creativity. We have some initial widgets to choose from and more will be on the way.


CMS Blocks (Filter Selection) – Choose only specific categories from the CMS Posts and Portfolios to be shown in the blocks.​​​​​


Build Wizard – Select a theme, choose the color palette, and then the fonts. Build quicker with a simple process.


Color Palettes – You can now select, edit, and make your own for color palettes to be used in the system.


Fonts (Global Styles) – Fonts have been updated, helping you better organize and manage them throughout your website. Select fonts, make combinations, add them to your own library.  


Buttons (Global Styles) – Buttons have been updated to ensure consistency throughout your site. Select buttons, make combinations, add them to your own library.


Gradient Colors – You can apply gradient colors. The system automatically detects you color palette, but you can choose anything you would like.


Permissions for Teams – Now invite your own team to help you out. Send out invites and assign them permissions based on roles.


  • Improved Block Drawer – We overhauled our block drawer to be more useful. We added page preview inside the block drawer to speed up page building.
  • Re-created Themes – We were not happy with our initial themes. With the new wizard and global styles that was implemented, the opportunity to improve the situation was not passed up.
  • UI Backend & Builder – The UI was updated for both the backend and frontend to aid in usability.

Upcoming Features

  • Animations
  • More Grid Widgets
  • Block Features and Improvements

We are easy to get a hold of. Either email us (connect@orbspace.io) or reach out through one of our social media apps.