The Orbspace Happenings

Release Notes: February

Zac Kostenko / March 01, 2019

Backend Related

  • Created CMS block variations and category logic API
  • Created CMS logic applied for publish/draft/unpublished
  • Fixed system email trigger Issues
  • Fixed image library issues
  • Implemented Orbspace landing page
  • Implemented security enhancements
  • Implemented database restructuring and API updates for builder features
  • Implemented admin account logging
  • Implemented user roles and permissions
  • Updated subscription logic

Builder Related

  • Added block category filter logic
  • Added image library enhancements
  • Fixed header block general issues
  • Fixed - priority issues for builder
  • Fixed feature block issues
  • Fixed functionality issues at testimonials block
  • Fixed functional issues at contact block
  • Implemented CMS block variations
  • Implemented UI drawer enhancements (performance)

UI/UX Related

  • Created restaurant theme
  • Enhanced email templates
  • Fixed images in background not displaying on bird’s eye view
  • Implemented CSS adjustments in blocks